The 2015 Railway Map challenge


What started as a method of distraction whilst enduring the variety of livestock on line, missing staff, broken down trains and assorted signal failures on the British Railway system has grown. No longer is it just an excuse to see what my kindle HD6 can do, but a challenge; a challenge that mixed elements of cartography, photography, art, and luck.

The aim was to capture some ephemeral cartography before the next upgrade swept it away, and present it with a bit of colour, and perhaps some images that also capture the landscape of 2015.


So here are the the boundaries of the challenge-

Everything is to be captured and processed on my battered and well love Kindle Fire HD6.
All the photographs are to be obtained whilst on my normal travel.
Every map I post must be accompanied by some other image.
Only free open access maps are used.


Some of the stations will have the luxury of long delays to allow me and the Kindle to roam, others will be fleeting glimpses through carriage windows. The capturing by kindle opportunity will therefore vary greatly. And then luck will play its part- can I get a window seat? is the window clean? where will the train stop, is my coffee misting up the lense? Is it pouring down with rain?


My posts are pretty ‘raw’, just images and maps with a standard cut and paste paragraph. Once the year ends, then they will be updated with some comments and perhaps artistically arranged, meanwhile they area a holding area for the material as I randomly find time to upload it.

Today the weather is good, the sun is up and I am sat next to a clean window, now its up to the driver to stop the carriage in front of something colourful.



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