ST 6280  Pyschogeography meets Cartography


​A Grid Square somewhere near Bristol

Copyright The Ordnance Survey.

I am one of the OS 1:25000  map fan club, surely the the  best series of maps  in the world; gems of cartography. This series of posts will take one of those maps, then  take just one grid square, and then explore.

The Map

Explorer series 505- Bristol and Bath

Like all of the OS explorer series,  this is a facilitating map to lay out and explore with the screenshot_2017-09-11-07-35-23_kindlephoto-9354335.jpgfinger, eyes and imagination.The symbology is perfect for bringing for capturing a landscape in all its dimensions, including time.

To buy a copy, on Amazon just click on the link at the bottom of this blog. Alternatively try the OS brilliant  App. I use it on the Kindle Fire, and it is excellent value, and fun.

The square

ST 6280


This is a map square that appears almost devoid of interest, and totally devoid of names. I have three years of transiting through this cartographic semi- desert that appears to offer little to distract from a daily diet of headphone piped podcasts.

The opportunity

And yet, there is a glimmer of potential within this entrapment, a chance to create something new. Pyschogeography, my  little Kindle Fire HD6, and this blog may be a combination that provide an escape  from the pointlessness of the day commute.

And so this blog changes direction for a while. where it will go I am not sure, it will be an exploration  of a small square of British Surburbia, and an exploration of a new subject.

Buying the Map on Amazon

OS Explorer Map (155) Bristol and Bath


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