Exploration caged

A bus Stop in Bradley Stoke

The cage called ST 6280

Four lines make this cage, four man-made lines drawn on a map with no link to the landscape beneath them.

ST 62 and 63 form the eastern and western barriers, 80 and 81 the northern and southern limits. No grand hills or soaring cliffs lay within this artificial cage and no depths of history appear waiting to be uncovered.

My past has had its fare  share of amazing wanders. As a seafarer I have found myself randomly exploring some part of the world on a Sunday afternoon, armed with a photocopy of a chart as my only guide. It’s taken me from mountain tops to caves, from glaciers to sandunes, from towering skyscrapers to shanty towns. 

But now the randomness of a Navigator’s career has landed me here, in the depths of a place called Bradley Stoke.Fate appears to have placed me in one of the least explorable spots on this planet I have ever wandered into.

Exploration re-discovered

I have already discovered however,  that even  ST6280 cannot squash the desire to explore, to understand, and to know a landscape. An urge to make sense of all the footpaths and shortcuts has already started tapping me on the shoulder, and I am enjoying the prospect of building up the mental map. It feels fun to start playing geographical games with somewhere new.

Perhaps there is a pure joy of discovering new land regardless of the location. Perhaps the Navigation Buzz does not need mountain ranges or expansive oceans, all it demands is somewhere new. If so I will uncover that joy within the confines of this grid square.

The other boundaries

The fire HD6

There is a second layer of confinement to this exploration. It will have to be conducted through the technology of the small Kindle Fire HD6. 

All the images, all the media, all the words, and all the research will have to be created within the confines of this small low end tablet. It’s a lovely bit of kit, and one that I am rarely parted from. 


Books will only be bought if they are free or available on the Prime lending library, and the  time will have to be grabbed from those little wasted minutes that life offers. 

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