Did I mention Bradley Stoke?


The top part of  the grid square of  pyschogeogrsphical wanderings sits in the ‘new town’ of Bradley Stoke. This post digs into the collective source of all popular human knowledge, Wikipedia,  and attempts to find 10 interesting facts about ‘ Sadly Broke’.

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Bradley Stoke Map Extract

An extract from the  Town Council’s Map showing the area of the Grid Square.

A pyschogeographical wander

To capture on Kindle the words ‘Bradley Stoke’; to capture on Kindle the corporate image of Bradley Stoke.

10 facts about Bradley Stoke


1. Although a suburb of Bristol, the town is in South Gloucestershire.


Bradley Stoke is Europe’s largest new town built with private investment.


3. The town was named after Bradley Brook and Stoke Brook streams.


4.The  town is  almost surrounded  by motorways, the M5, M4 and M32.


6. Baileys Court Farmhouse is the only original building that exists. It was used as offices by the towns developers before becoming the Bailey’s Court Inn.


7.Building in the town was originally in two locations, north and south, eventually working towards the centre.

8.The Stoke Brook flows through the middle of Bradley Stoke.

Click here for the Town Council’s website>
9.The area was once a farmland north of the village of Stoke Gifford.

10.High-interest rates during the early 1990s  led to the collapse of the property market in the area with many new homes falling into negative equity. This led to the branding of the new town as ‘Sadly Broke

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