What does Psychogeography give me to play with?

Equinox has passed, and it is a battle now to capture those pictures of ST6280 with my Kindle  on the decreasing slots that the sun offers. It is time now for this blog to attempt to find some hints within Merlin Coverly’s book on how to ‘do’ Psychogeography.

Two concepts

Within Psychogeography a pocket edition their appears to be two offered as tools to use, two tools beging with D, two tools with French names.

Psychogeography (Pocket Essentials (Paperback))

  • Détournement
  • Dérive

What is Détournement?

“Détournement Short for: détournement of pre-existing aesthetic elements. The integration of present or past artistic production into a superior construction of a milieu” Psychogeography (Pocket Essentials)- By Merlin Coverly

But what is a millieu?

A person’s social place. Oxford English dictionary

This appears to be saying that  Détournement is the mashing together some artwork into a new piece of work that represents the artist’s view of a location, its impact on their psychology. Perhaps that is right, or perhaps that is wrong, either way that an interpretation idea of the word that I can work with on this blog. I am not sure though I will learn to spell Détournement before this series of posts reach the end.

Picture some pictures

By coincidence I had been playing around with the photos taken so far in grid square ST 6280 and may have stumbled across something that loosely comes under the umbrella of Détournement. Using the Kindle Photo editor, pininterest, and screen capture I have found a way of changing those quickly grabbed shots into so thing new.

The Pinintrest Board

And so a medium has been stumbled upon, creating images from Pininterest for Pininterest, a visual multitracking.

Here is the board where the creation attempt is occurring.

Hopefully the board will move towards some creations that meet the Psychogeography concept of Détournement. If it does not, then am enjoying playing with the images, and it is making those daily trogs through the suburbs more bearable.


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