The Treasure Island Trail Map

This post’s map can also be found on the streets of Bristol and close by to the map in my last post. This is a map with a special cartographic connection, a connection with one of the best known maps in fiction, a map that inspired a genre.  

A public map in a public space in Bristol

Treasure Island Trail Map

I came across this map near Radcliffe bridge whilst making may back to Temple Meads station. It has been produced by the Long John Silver Trust to celebrate Bristol’s connection with Robert Louise Stevenson’s Treasure Island book.

The Treasure Island Trial

The map shows a route from Bristol Ferry stop 1 to stop 11. Along the way it visits events, locations and themes in the book such as:

  • The treasure map
  • The black spot
  • The captain’s papers
  • The spy hole
  • The apple barrel
  • The man of the island
  • Israel hands

Click to visit the Long John Silver Trust’s web page describing the route>

The Map

A simple map that uses typography to add a sense of time. The heading’s font and compass rose make a strange contrast with the App QR code. Queen’s Square forms a dominant feature of the map, a feature that the route circumnavigates.

A map that has inspired

It drew my attention to a link with place and fiction that I was not aware of, and to a book that I have never read, although heard much of. It also drew my attention a good excuse for a wander, and an excuse to read the book in atmospheric pubs within the scenes of the tale.  I have downloaded a copy of treasure Island on the Kindle and now what for the chance to immerse myself in a scene.

Click to search for Treasure Island on Amazon>



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