The Bristol M Shed map-about face

And just to prove my point on the blue style tourist information maps, here is the other side.

A west-up map

Visitor's map at the M Shed, Bristol

This is the reverse side of the information board on the last post. Presumably modern visitors cannot comprehend the north up concept, as the map is at a completely different orientation as the previous example. Perhaps car sat-navs have enabled this ability to read maps without a fixed link to north.

This map illustrates well the use of 3d depictions of buildings, a combination now found Cranes at M Shedin many tourist information boards.

Information about features shown on the map

Some websites to visit, with a tourist theme

Some more maps to explore

Across on my Navsbooks blSouth Caradon Mine shown on the 1886 OS mapog there is a growing  wealth of maps related to this famous Cornish Copper mine. So if maps fascinate you, pop across for a wander.

Click here to explore the South Caradon by maps>




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